Introduction of AEBA Standards

The Medical Standards for eye banking of the Association of Eye Banks of Asia (AEBA) has been five years in the making and is the product of research and collaboration with leaders in the field of eye banking, not only in Asia, but worldwide. Created by the AEBA Council and approved by the Asia Cornea Society Council, the purpose of the standards is to serve as a guide to assure consistently acceptable levels of quality, proficiency, and ethics in the practice of eye banking among member eye banks in Asia while recognizing and respecting the very diverse cultures, laws, and regulations of the countries as well. Furthermore, this is a living document which will be reviewed periodically and amended as the science of eye banking evolves. It is the hope of the AEBA council that this set of standards will help all existing and future Asian Eye Banks achieve our collective purpose of making safe, high-quality transplantable eye tissue available to the ophthalmologists and patients we serve.

Maria Dominga “Minguita” B. Padilla, MD, FPAO, FPCorS

Final AEBA Medical Standards - Click Here

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